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State of Working Wisconsin

For more than two decades, the State of Working Wisconsin has presented the workers’ perspective on the Wisconsin economy. The State of Working Wisconsin 2022 provides the most recent data available on wages, jobs, disparities, and unions to build a stronger understanding of what is going on in the state’s labor market.


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COWS in the News

  • Labor Spring has sprung!

    Happy Labor Spring! This month, in celebration of workers and worker organizing efforts happening in Wisconsin and across the country, we have exciting updates to share on Labor Spring activities supported by COWS and our partners. 

  • Wisconsin ‘prime working age’ labor force participation among best in the nation

    Laura Dresser, associate director of the COWS economic think tank at UW-Madison, said women in the workforce feel the effects of that most. “Moms tend to carry the burden of care disproportionately in families,” she …

  • This Is Good News For Workers

    A low unemployment rate is certainly good news for people looking for a job, but today’s guest says “it matters for all workers, because when the line at the door is short, it means they …

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