Government Performance Action & Learning

A New Age of Government Performance Is Here

Decision-making power that goes beyond human limits. Presenting the Government Partnership for Action & Learning (GPAL).

Make Confident Decisions With Better Insights

Data is infinite but useless without the right context. The Government Partnership for Action & Learning (GPAL) distills information so government leaders see the most important, relevant data – all in one place. GPAL partners will help communities best utilize the performance measurement system without the hassle of manual tracking and guesswork.

Government leaders across the nation will have access to verified community insights from over 30 years of survey research by National Research Center at Polco and GPAL partners. This will be conveniently displayed alongside key public data relevant to community livability.

Local Governments Are Key To Healthy Communities

In recent years, more funding and federal grants have become available to local governments, with a 40% increase in 2021 alone.

This means it is critical to have the right data to access over $1.5 trillion in grant funds and measure results. Now is the time to act for your community.

“During the past two years, the federal government has funneled an unprecedented amount of aid dollars to state and local governments.”
Route Fifty

“New federal laws will drive state and local governments to collect and analyze more information to prove programs are working and funds are being spent effectively.”
Government Technology

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Government Partnership for Action & Learning (GPAL) members span the public, academic, and private sectors.

Discover Key Indicators for Your Community Needs - From Community Health, To Land Use, Infrastructure, and More

Built on rich datasets of verifiable, trustworthy sources and data science methods that can change the future. GPAL gives you information and confidence to take evidence-based decision-making to the next level.

The Government Partnership for Action & Learning called GPAL (pronounced gee’-pal) will be the premier government performance, data analytic, visualization, and action program that helps annual subscribers (public officials) better understand their community. GPAL will reveal community performance metrics, and the factors that impact them, to optimize resource allocation.