Jobs and Skills Publications

Below is a list of our reports related to jobs and skills, in descending order by year published. Explore other topics here and all COWS reports here.

  • Joel Rogers. “Everything That Moves: Union Leverage and Critical Mass in Metropolitan Space”. Central Labor Councils and the Revival of American Unionism: Organizing for Justice in Our Communities , M.E. Sharpe, pp. 35-52.
  • Joel Rogers, and Ruy Teixeira. America’s Forgotten Majority. The Atlantic Monthly, pp. 66-75.
  • Laura Dresser, and Joel Rogers. The State of Working Wisconsin 2000. COWS.

    The economic expansion that began in 1991 has turned out to be longer and stronger than any other in American history. Over the last five years, economic growth and declining unemployment rates have started to bear fruit for working families’ incomes. Even so, the typical American family is working more hours, wage inequality remains high, poverty has stagnated rather than fallen, and poor job quality is still a serious American problem.

    Documents include both Full Report and Summary.

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